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What is a Microlight ?
An aeroplane designed to carry not more than two people, maximum fuel capacity of 50 litres and total weight not exceeding 450 kg. Also known as Ultralights around the world, these aircraft, especially in 3 axis format are increasingly sophisticated and fly throughout the world. members think nothing of flying to France for the day.These aircraft have flown to heights above 25,000 ft and at speeds well in excess of 100 mph.
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The newness has worn off our list of airstrips so if you have any deletions or better still, additions, we would be delighted to receive them via our contact form. Cheers

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a big thankyou again to Leigh Caudwell who's original data made the creation of this interactive mapping possible


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Grateful thanks to Leigh Caudwell for the data back in 2008 - please don't rely on these points for final flight planning.

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