The best thing......

Different pilots have different views on the best aspect of flying but all would have the terriffic views on the shortlist.

Some microlights are the motorcycles of the skies and the experience is a 3 dimensional version of the 2 wheeled sport. The big plus being the simply breathtaking vistas which on occasion unfurl even on the shortest of journeys.

Airstrips are generally out in the country, so you don't even need to take off to see things that you just won't see at home. The wildlife around Watnall airstrip is varied and interesting with regular visitors our bird watchers would tell you are rare and rather special. By the same token, early visitors will often see that neat pile of feathers on the runway which denotes the untimely passing in the night of one of those special bird varieties.

The different seasons have a variety of great aereal views to offer, with winter being the Ultralight friend - cold heavy air, great flying performance, nice warm cockpit and extensive views on clear days. There is nothing to compare, they say, with pottering about on a nice summers evening, in a weightshift microlight. Take your pick.

The picture gallery here is very much work in progress, we are flyers first and photographers second - but we intend to improve this page during 2011. All shots however are from aircraft out of Watnall.

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Welcome To Watnall, Nottingham; views from our window..

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