Major Road Jn's

The map shows the co-ordinates of over 800 major road junctions in the UK. The idea is that you zoom to an area you plan to fly and where you have already planned loose legs. Find a noteable junction or two on the route and copy and paste their coordinates into your navigator. please don't use this data as gospel but the process of choosing them in Google Maps will prove out their accuracy in any case.

Our grateful thanks go to the countless contributants of Wikipedia from where we scraped this data.,

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In using the waypoints on this page, if you have any deletions or better still, additions, we would be delighted to receive them via our contact form. Cheers


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Please exercise care in the use of this data who's accuracy is not guaranteed. Our grateful thanks to Wikipedia and it's countless contributants, from where we scraped this data. It's a big file - give it a minute to load please.

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