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If you are considering flying as a hobby, especially if you have caught the flying bug from a trial lesson - You will need to follow an approved flight and training course provided by a qualified microlight flying instructor. A restricted (local) NPPL licence requires you to complete a minimum of 15 flying hours of instruction and solo flying. Few people qualify on the minimum hours and may need more than that to meet the grade. You need to pass multi-choice questions on subjects such as Principals of Flight, Power and Ancillaries, Basic Flight Instruments, Air Law, Human Performance limitations, Meteorology, Navigation, Flight Planning and Map Reading. This looks a little overwhelming but it is fair to say that a small 168 page book written by Brian Cosgrove includes all you need to know for these subjects. Why not come and meet our Students and Pilots? their enthusiasm and encouragement will soon put you at ease.

You can plan on taking around 18 months to get your ticket, mainly because of weather limitations. You will spend in the region of £5000 to get there and aircraft, even 3 axis (like conventional light aircraft) cost from around £4000 for a clean second hand example, to realistically maybe £50,000 for a new Flying Machine.

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Brian Palfreyman

Flying for over 30 years. Qualified and registered Flying Instructor. Three axis and flexwing microlight and ultralight instruction to NPPL standard possible in as little as 15 hours flying time.

Also licenced to carry out check flights, inspections, licence re-validations, General skills tests, refresher training. An experienced aircraft maintenance and repair technician able to source new or pre-used parts for most flying machines.

Take off and climb up into the blue skies with our highly experienced instructor - soak up the fantastic views, take the best pictures of your life and if you like, try the controls and have a go at commanding the flying machine before your instructor guides the aircraft back onto the airstrip. Breathtaking but be warned, for many, the trial flight is the start of a whole new hobby which can take over your life!

Specialist Instructor for new trainees of all ages and at all levels, please see our "new to flying" section.


Trial Lessons £50 and Gift Vouchers - A unique fun experience ........

Microlight and Ultralight NPPL Training, Licence re-validation, general skills tests, Aircraft certification, Aviation maintenance and repairs, Check flights, Hangarage and a bunch of active flyers to learn from

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Check out our Links page for some interesting training videos and flight documents plus Pilots instructions and flight Manuals for Eurostar EV-97, Ikarus C42, MCR-01 ULC Ban-Bi, Dynamic, Flight Design CT2k and Flight design CTSW plus Pioneer 200-m Aircraft


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